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Zhu Xiaohu: even if you have no money, also want to pretend to be very confident. Entrepreneurship Lab – Sohu technology class: it App black lab No. live Speaker: Jinsha River venture capital director Zhu Xiaohu subject: teach you 30 minutes to fix the investor data: the platform cumulative number of viewers 786 thousand + in August 25th, Jinsha River venture capital director Zhu Xiaohu in the dark it App entitled "teach you 30 minutes to fix the investors’ share. As drops, hungry, reflecting off, where to go, the little red book and Lanting Pavilion set of potential projects such as investors, "the unicorn catcher" Zhu Xiaohu shared his views on investment. Zhu Xiaohu will also recruit 15 members in the dark horse entrepreneurial lab, and for these members face to face business model diagnosis, business operations. "If the project is good, we will vote." Zhu Xiaohu said that his recruit standard is simple — aggressive. "The best found three years ago, Cheng Wei Zhang Xuhao four years ago, nine years ago, Zhuang Chenchao, who is very young but very aggressive, determined to do a big platform. Only recruit young people, do not consider after 70." The following is an oral selection of Zhu, want to see the full version or become a member of the laboratory, please download the dark horse learn it App. How to impress investors in minutes? I usually meet with entrepreneurs to talk about 30 minutes, some investors may chat for about one or two hours, no matter how long the chat, the general 10-20 minutes will form a first impression, it is difficult to change. So for entrepreneurs, the most critical thing is to move investors in the first 10-20 minutes. In fact, you do not need to prepare a very complex BP (I horse note: business plan), the key is to infect investors, let him believe that your market is very big, let him think you to the understanding of this industry is very deep. In fact, the core of BP is just two sentences: who are you? What do you want to do?. These two words can move me, I will look at BP, if it is difficult to understand, I will not open. If the direction of the market is very large, the entry point is very good, I will certainly see. Entrepreneurs must be more understanding of their own market than investors, a profound understanding of the core elements of success in this industry is what, and your team to have these elements. So you can impress investors. For example, Cheng Wei, founder of the drops, he was the angel of the investment to spend the basic end of the Wang Gang, no money immediately. But when I see he is full of aura, the first hanging me for half an hour. He has full confidence in the trickle mode, which is not blind. His strategy and logic is very clear: to make the first cut the car, taxi, taxi after made the market leader and then upgrade the car to do. Not easy to, that time has been doing car, do very slowly, and then shook his car and taxi has been rocking. Besides Zhang Xuhao (I dark horse note: hungry founder), he is just graduated, no work experience, but he touched me is commercial sensitivity. At the beginning of the transaction is very small, a single two thousand or three thousand single. I asked him a very simple.相关的主题文章: