Zynga Q3 revenue 1 billion 330 million CSR Racing 2, the first income of the 50 countries ca1805

Zynga Q3 revenue 1 billion 330 million "CSR Racing 2" 50 country income first [Abstract]Zynga third quarter booking revenue it reached a profit of $197 million, CEO said the company will continue to introduce high quality games, the expansion of the existing game lineup. This paper from the Tencent game channel exclusive compilation, please indicate the source due to the "CSR 2" and "racing farm town: a tropical vacation" (FarmVille: Tropic Escape) strong performance of the game, the Zynga company in September 30th to the end of the third quarter financial performance achieved the best performance prediction of Wall Street. According to the latest financial reporting rules, Zynga earnings data does not seem to complete the financial objectives. Analysts forecast earnings per share of Zynga reported earnings of 1 cents, reservation revenue of $187 million. And according to generally accepted accounting principles, Zynga earnings per share were 5 cents loss, booking revenue of $182 million. However, analysts’ forecasts are based on non GAAP, excluding one-off anomalies from financial data. According to this principle, the Zynga report booking revenue reached a profit of $197 million (about RMB 1 billion 330 million). "This season was good." Zynga CEO Frank · gibiot (Frank Gibeau) said in an interview, "we are doing well, and show the momentum of recovery." In the early stage of late trading, Zynga shares have dropped 3.2 percentage points, fell to $2.65 per share. Zynga currently has a total value of $2 billion 300 million, well below its total value of $9 billion in its initial public offering in 2011. In this quarter, the company issued a "Zynga CSR" this is the 2 car, before the big success of the racing game sequel, and the game in the quarter accounted for 50 of national income rankings of the top spot. "When the game’s release we also slightly worried, because it can treasure" demon dream GO "(Pokemon Go) in the same week on sale, but in the fierce competition, the game’s performance is quite good." Gibiot said. During the quarter, Zynga has also issued a "farm town": a tropical vacation, this quarter was also the social gambling game "Ozzy’s magic," (Note: the construction of Wizard of Oz: Magic Match) the first full quarter of the customer service. All of these have greatly contributed to Zynga’s quarterly earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA, an indicator of profitability). Gibiot said, the company is now fully developed "Titan" (Dawn of Titans) dawn, this is a new real-time strategy game developed by British studio Zynga. The game is currently in the experience of the release period, and is expected to be officially released before the end of this year. By.相关的主题文章: